“ Soundsorb” acoustic wall panel is the “site-installed” acoustic wall panel using proprietary designed alignment track to hold stretching fabrics over acoustic fiberglass or mineral fiber wools.

“Soundsorb” has many advantages over pre-manufactured panels. With pre-manufactured panels, long lead time is required and the choice of finishing (colour/fabric) as well as panel sizes are limited. “Soundsorb” acoustic panel can be installed rapidly in various shapes, integrated with different types of acoustic infill and has the ability to cover the entire wall for seamless finishes. Furthermore, in the case of accidental damages to the acoustic panels, our unique design track system allows replacement of fabric at minimum cost.

“Soundsorb” acoustic wall panel is suitable for use in multipurpose halls, school halls, recording studios, prayer rooms, banquet rooms, conference rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, lobbies – anywhere acoustic absorption is desired.

Acoustic Infill
“Soundsorb” acoustic panel can be tailor-made to suit particular acoustic absorbent requirement by adjusting acoustic infill.

For common acoustic control, high density fiberglass is recommended as it is impact resistant and provides broadband absorption. The complementing material is perforated board backed with medium density fiberglass infill to achieve low frequency absorption based on „Volume Resonator‟ principle. Combination of the two will result in optimum sound absorption.

Sound absorption coefficients and NRC values

 Frequency (Hz) 125250 500 10002000 4000 NRC
Broadband absorber panel
 0.18 0.76 0.99 0.94 0.95 0.97 0.91
Low frequency absorber panel
 0.40 0.90 0.80 0.50 0.400.30 0.65

Fire Rating
Building regulation – comply to British standard BS 476 parts 6 and 7 – Class 0
Fabric tested to BS5852 1989 Part „1‟ Source „O‟ Code Cigarette

All installation must be undertaken by trained and skilled installer to prevent any “Sagging Effects”. Alignment tracks are nailed to all the perimeter and acoustic infill placed within the perimeter frame. The choice fabric is then stretched securely to cover the entire area, without the need of using timber beading/cover strip at the joint section.

Fabric can be vacuumed for general cleaning purpose. For persistent stain, fabric can be shampooed „In-Situ‟ or replaced by our skilled installer.

Technical Support
Rather than only supplying “Soundsorb” acoustic panels, our firm is ready to help the client in identifying various acoustical problems such as referral to acoustic consultants, preparation of reverberation time (RT) calculation to achieve optimum acoustic requirement and provide assistance in non-committal simple acoustical design. We pride ourselves in solving the client‟s acoustical problems.

Specification – BQ Format
To supply and install “Soundsorb” proprietary designed acoustic wall panel system using releaseable alignment track onto 50 mm by 75 mm wood furring in 600 mm x 1200 mm grid pattern. Finishes with acoustic transparent fabric and backed by 50 mm thick high density fiberglass (80 kg/m3) absorptive infill as per acoustic requirement.(NRC value : 0.91).

Technical Specification