Bird Nest

“Bird Nest” cemwood acoustic panel is a composite material, compose of 40% Pine wood fiber and 60% cement. The product uses magnesium sulphate as the primary binder which is pressurised to create compact and stable long lasting structure.

The panels are impact resistant and able to withstand ball throwing impact and blows for use in the multi-purpose hall, yet they are relatively light weight which render them suitable for use as hanging ceiling.

The product has an unique appearance and excellent sound absorbing characteristics, coupled with good fire resistance and moisture proof abilities. This product can be sprayed paint for up to 5 times, making it one of the most creative ceiling or wall panel.

“Bird Nest” cemwood acoustic panel comes in sizes of 15mm and 25mm with maximum length of 2400mm and maximum width of 1200mm.

“Bird Nest” cemwood acoustic panels are widely used in auditorium, multi-purpose hall, office, swimming pool area and shooting range where aesthetic acoustic requirement and impact resistance properties are required. The product has long shelf life and sufficient strength to withstand repeated impact blows.

“Bird Nest” cemwood acoustic panel possesses excellent sound absorption values especially when enhanced with acoustic infill backing. The tabulated noise reduction coefficients are as follows :-

125250500100020004000NRCMounting Method mounting air gap gap and absorptive infill

“Bird Nest” cemwood acoustic panels are commonly installed using timber wood stud as base support, with wood stud placed at perpendicular direction of “Bird Nest” cemwood acoustic panel for interval of not more than 600mm apart, to be fastened using screws or rivets. The panels can also easily installed on ceiling by way of metal T-grid system.


Technical Details

A. Product

Name: Bird Nest
Ingredient: Cement Wood Board


B. Composition

Cement: 55%
Wood product: 40%
Binding Agent: Magnesium oxide
Others: Proprietary


C. Properties

Finishing: Natural white
Colouration: Up to 5 times
Smell: Negligible
Solubility: Minimal
Weight: 450kg/m3 to 500kg/m3
Structure: Stable


D. Burning Characteristic

Ignition point: 500 Celcius
Flame spread: 0


E. Safety Precautious

Health Hazards: None Known
Working Hazards: Cutting can caused nuisance dust, resulting in irrigational to eyes, nose and throat.