BESTO comprises medium density fiber board based acoustic panel with patterns ranging from perforated to grooved and can be slotted in for wall and ceiling. The furnishing for BESTO can be in high pressure laminations, painted lacquers or veneer.

BESTO acoustic panel uses the latest engineering design to achieve maximum sound absorption and desirable decorative effect. Panels are joined using “tongue and groove” or “butt joint” methods.

BESTO acoustic panel is in standard size of 128mm x 2440mm with thickness ranging from 12mm to 18mm, and standard groove size of 28/4. BESTO acoustic panel is commonly used in :

  • Auditorium
  • Multi-purpose hall
  • Lecture theatre
  • Music Room
  • Office
  • Conference Room
  • Studio

BESTO acoustic panel has excellent sound absorbing values especially when enhanced with acoustic infill backing. The tabulated noise reduction coefficient is as follows (with acoustic infill) : –

125 250 500 1 KHZ 2 KHZ 4 KHZ NRC
 0.24 0.530.85 0.41 0.36 0.32 0.54

BESTO comes in various colors for selection in accordance to the surrounding ambiance for desirable aesthetic design.

Technical Specification