Acoustic ceiling and wall panel

 Akustex acoustic ceiling and wall panels are rigid, high density glass fibre panels with laminated texture finish.

It offers :-

  • A Excellent noise absorption
  • A High resistance to humidity –  non sagging
  • A Easy to install – DIY feasible
  • A Factory laminated –  even finish and no delamination
  • A Cleanable surface –  using vacuum cleaner or damp sponge
  • A Compliance to BS 476 Class ‘O’  fire classification

With wide selection of finishing textures, Akustex acoustic ceiling and wall panels can be used as decorative wall panels or elegant finishes suspended ceilings. The finishing texture is determined based on application requirements such as sound absorption, impact resistance as well as aesthetic considerations.

Akustex acoustic ceiling and wall panels are used extensively in commercial, public and private buildings whereby acoustic absorption is desired. Akustex offers high noise reduction coefficient (NRC) ranging from 0.65 to 0.9. Hence, undesirable echoes are immediately reduced, resulting in short reverberation time. Akustex is suitable for use in :-

  • A Multi purpose hall
  • A Lecture theatre
  • A Auditorium
  • A Music Room
  • A Office
  • A Conference Room
  • A Studios

Akustex comprises mainly two finishing surfaces, namely glass tissue finish and  hessian fabric. Other finishes are available upon request.

Technical Specification

Product Size2′ x 4′ (603 mm x 1212 mm)
Thickness15 mm, 20 mm and 50 mm
Weight1.15 kg per 20 mm x 603 mm x 1212 mm panel ( 80 kg/m3 )
Thermal Conductivity No.0.0332 W/MK
Fire ClassificationCore product is class “O” fire rating (non-combustible) as per BS Standard 476 Part 6 & 7


Sound Absorption Coefficient as measured in accordance to ASTM 423-90a.

ThicknessFinishMounting125 Hz250 Hz500 Hz1 kHz2 kHz4 kHzNRC
15 mmGlass tissueWith AIRGAP0.260.650.790.680.840.920.74
20 mmGlass tissueWith AIRGAP0.710.680.780.840.920.890.81
20 mmFabricWithout AIRGAP0.060.380.620.870.850.650.68
20 mmFabricWith AIRGAP0.410.590.660.810.770.640.71
50 mmFabricWithout AIRGAP0.160.740.970.920.930.950.89


Acoustex products are installed by suspending the product onto metal T-grid or fastening them to the wall. For wall installation, the fixing surface must be even, fastened by using wood-stud or metal T-grid.


Akustex fabric finishes can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth

Fire Rating

Building regulation – comply to British standard BS 476 parts 6 and 7 – Class 0 Fabric tested to BS5852 1989 Part “1” Source “0” Code Cigarette

 Technical Specification